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We strive to produce the finest German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd puppies, bred for high ball drive, sound nerves, and good looks.  We use sires and dams from only the finest working lines out of Czechoslovakia, Germany, and the Netherlands to produce good temperament, as well as sound hips and elbows.  The police lineage produces extremely intelligent German Shepherd puppies.  Our Dutch Shepherd puppies also are hardy, loyal, and sound.  Every Von Falconer dog is carefully bred and raised step by step from birth (see Raising a Pup) to be keen, enthusiastic, and capable.

*All German Shepherd Puppies are AKC Registered

When you purchase a Puppy from Von Falconer K9 you receive 4 complimentary  training classes, current shots, and 1 year of support on the raising and training of your amazing pup.

Dutch Shepherd Puppies


Jane, the Dutchie, Goes Surfing!

German Shepherd Puppies

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