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Von Falconer Canine- Santa Cruz Dog Training Facility

Von Falconer K-9 Training Facility

"If you have the passion to train dogs or have a pet to communicate with, it is an honest world. A dog is a loyal companion who loves you unconditionally and will jump in an old car or a new one just to be with you. They don't care about your religion or the color of your skin, what your political party is or what sex you are. If you have a disability they are there to serve you and they do not care how old you are either. They just want to please. They are the human's Best Friend and that is the true story." (Eric Falconer- Master Trainer)

Von Falconer K9 is a Professional Training Facility nestled in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. We are dedicated to educating and training people and their dogs. We offer ongoing Obedience Classes here at our facility every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

We also do selective breeding of German and Dutch Shepherd Dogs. Our goal has always been to breed a superior dog with high ball drive, sound nerves, an excellent temperament, courage and intelligence. To achieve this, we only use proven imported studs that are or have been working Police Service Dogs and females that we have raised ourselves and who remain with us until they are 4-5 years old when they are retired and adopted out to good homes.

We also specialize in importing and training the finest canines from Germany, Holland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, for family and executive protection. All dogs are hand selected and tested for Police or Family and Executive Protection Work.

Don't just settle for any dog - get the best one that you can. It is an investment in your future. ALL DOGS ARE GUARANTEED!

Our Services Include:
• Puppy and Adult Classes
• Boarding and "Boot Camp"
• Private Obedience Classes
• Family Protection Training
• Behavior & Temperament Evaluations
• German & Dutch Shepherd Stud Services

Ron and Jane with Valroy at Carmel Beach

Spring is a great time to plan your outings with your families, your friends and your dogs. The woods and fields are coming back to life and exploring new places, or even familiar ones close to home, can b a revitalizing experience now that the chilly days have pretty much passed. It is possible to spend an entire morning or afternoon at the nearest beach which is still relatively deserted. There are even a few, like Carmel Beach, that are entirely leash-free. If you have good recall and your dogs are well socialized, you can relax and let them run for hours.

   German Shepherd Puppies   

German Shepherd Puppies

New Litter Expected End of March 2017

   Dutch Shepherd Puppies   

German Shepherd Puppies

New Litter Expected End of February 2017

Santa Cruz Dog Boarding

Santa Cruz Dog Boarding

If you are thinking about a short or long trip, a cruise to sunnier climes, or just a couple of days out of town, we always have a room for your dog to stay here at our "Mountain Retreat". While staying with us, he/she will receive daily training sessions in addition to enjoying several romps around the fully-fenced property on his/her own each day. You can be confident that we will do our best to care for your dog as well as you would yourself. They will miss you of course, but it will still be a good experience for them. We also offer what we call the VIP Boarding Experience. For an additional $10 a day, your dog will live in the house with us and be taken along on any trips we take away from the facility. This can include beach walks, downtown walks, shopping, errands and visits to friends – all of which are great for socialization.

Dog Training Tips

How to Bond with your dog

It is Important to keep in mind - Your dog WILL NOT totally respond to you until the bond is created! Remember, your new dog does not know you or your family. This process can take up to 30 days. During this time there are some do's and don'ts...

Do not leave your dog unattended with your children until the bond is complete. Tell your children not to rush up to the dog but to let the dog come to them. Entice the dog to come to them with food treats. If the dog does not want to approach them, don't worry, he/she will in a few days. Teach your children not to pull-on or tease the dog Do not force anyone on the dog and it will become comfortable with your family in a few days... for more info on how to bond with your new dog

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