Behavior Problems: Stop Your Pet From Digging

Fri May 7th, 2010 @ 10:24 am

Digging is a natural behavior in all dogs.  Perhaps he is isn't getting exercise or he just want to hide his bone for future use.  This is natural.  But when it comes to digging up sprinkler systems or digging up your bed or sofa, digging under the fence or digging up your plants, this must be corrected.  In house digging is a common trait with young dogs.  We must know how to fix them in the first year of the dog's life.

On leash training in the house with a long lead is one way.  I use the long lead on a puppy or young dog so the dog can be corrected.  You must set the dog up for a mistake and watch.  You will have 3 seconds to correct it when the dog or puppy makes the mistake.  That is why a long line, even if it is a very light line, is what you need to make these corrections.  House and yard manners are a must.

Outside Digging

If your dog likes a spot and will not stop digging, I would suggest pouring black or cayenne pepper into the hole, and even add jalapeno peppers.  Once your dog sticks his or her nose in it, she or he won't go there again.  Then you can fill the hole with rocks and dirt and place chicken wire across the area.

If you have a notorious digger, follow the dog around and catch them in the act.  Use a can filled with small rocks or pennies and throw them at him/her, not to hit them but to distract them, them give them the right toy to have.

Escape Artist

For an escape artist, bury chicken wire at least 2 feet beneath your entire fence.  This will stop the digging out from under the fence.  With a gated area you will have to put a cement footing across this part.

A Bored Dog Can Dig

Give your dog something else to do when they are in the yard.  Stuff toys with fragrant treats and hide them around your yard.  Fill a Kong toy with peanut butter or canned cheese and hide them too.  Make sure your dog has plenty to do while your are away at work.  Some dogs just start digging and barking because they are bored.

Show The Dog Where They Can Dig

You can also build a sandbox and fill with beach sand and bury a toy.  Show your dog she/he can dig there and let him dig out his toy.  Praise them when they find the toy.  Give your dog a place that is okay to dig in.

Hot Summer Temperatures and Digging

If you live where it is hot, a dog will naturally dig down to cool ground to cool off.  If this is the case, you will have to bring the dog in and place the crate in a cool spot with a fan or air conditioner around the dog.  Do not leave any dog out in very hot weather.  They can die of a heat stroke just like a person.

Do not leave a dog in a crate in a very hot space or in a car during the summer.  It is important to take extra care of our pets in hot weather.  (Have a cool location and have water available at all times.)