Bonding With An Older Dog

Sun November 4th, 2012 @ 5:37 pm


It takes about 30 days for an adult dog to bond to its new owners, it is important to have a crate and a kennel for this dog. Do not put yourself in any situation that will cause you to expect this dog to protect you until you have gone through the bonding period. Do not turn this dog loose on your property until you know that the dog knows this is its new home.

All Protection Dogs must be on leash in the state of California. They can be off-leash in your house or in your backyard, but only after the bonding period. Do not let your dog off-leash in your garage with the neighborhood children or their unleashed pets running free on to your property. Do not send a stranger into the backyard without first putting your dog away or in its crate. Make sure if you have gardeners or PG&E or any service contractor, they realize that a dog is on duty, if a friend comes over and slaps you on the shoulder or if someone was to act physical toward you, this dog could bite the person. So if you are having a party or rough housing, put the dog away, he or she will not know the difference between joking around and a real fight or someone attacking you.

The dogs we sell are social and civil, enjoy your dog, he or she will put his life on the line for you and your dog is not meant to be a show off for your friends. This dog is beta, keep the dog off the bed in the bedroom. This is a strong Beta Dog and he or she must remain Beta and you must remain Alpha in this dog’s social order. He can never become an equal to the handler or owner. He will be part of your family at the end of bonding period. This dog will become Perimeter Protective and until you have gone through training to fully understand and be educated in handling this dog, do not assume anything. This dog is trained, and now is the time to train you on the handling of this dog, you will have ten hours of training included with this dog. Afterwards one hour a month will be free for the first year for maintenance training. This training is very important to keep your dog fined tuned in his abilities, unless you are experienced in handling this Family Protection Dog, you must come and train until you feel you are in control of your new companion.