Dog Training Advice For New Owners

Thu July 19th, 2012 @ 11:55 am

I. Get the dog to love you, all future training depends on this.

2. Never chastise or scold him unnecessarily, only scold immediately after an accident, and never if you are not sure the dog understood perfectly what was wanted of him, deliberate disobedience must be instantly dealt with.

3. Remember a dog can not ask questions, neither can he understand what you say, just as you cannot understand most foreign languages.

4. Success of a trainer depends on being able to make a dog understand what he has to do and then to instill that into his brain until it becomes like an instinct

5. Always use kindness unless you are sure that being unkind for a very short period you will save the dog from having prolonged unkindness at a later stage.

6. Be decisive and firm and most important of all, be sure that you know exactly what you want and how it should be done.

7. Never try and teach a dog anything until you,yourself, have a full understanding of how to teach it with a clear mental picture of each stage, above all, never attempt anything if you have the slightest fear of getting lost.

8. Try not to make a mistake, do not let the dog make a mistake, should he do so, never let it pass.

9. A mistake once made, and let pass may mean hours of hard work for you and untold harm for the dog, it may never be erased.

10. Reward everything that is done well.

11. Always finish a training period on a good note, never end the training if the dog has just done with something wrong, always leave off on a happy note,with lots of praise.

12. Do not continue a training period for such a long time that the dog becomes tired and bored, if this happens, you have wasted your time, make the dog do something he likes,with a tug toy or ball and then finish.

13. As far as possible, always have your dog with you, you cannot train him all the time but he will be- come accustomed to your actions,words and surroundings which will all help to make training easier.