Evidence Search Training

Wed May 19th, 2010 @ 8:21 am
Article / Evidence Search


Article / Evidence Search


Step #1

Handler puts dog on a sit stay or someone holds dog if dog is not that far along in its obedience training. Handler than walks straight away approximately 10 ft. from dog with an article and food. Let the dog see you place the article on the ground with the food reward on top of it. Handler then returns directly back to his / her dog. Give the dog your command to search for evidence and release your dog. When it gets to the article and food, it will stop to eat the food. At this point have your dog down then go to your dog and praise it. Repeat step #1 right from the location where your dog downed on the article, be sure you continue in the same direction. Repeat 4 to 5 times per session, 1 to 2 sessions a day. Stay with step #1 until your dog is going straight to the article and food and downing on his / her own.

Step #2

Handler starts exercise in the same way as step #1 straight out approximately 10 ft. The handler then makes a 90 degree right turn and goes 10 ft. and puts the article down with the food on top of it. Return to your dog and give it your search command and release your dog. When your dog reaches the article, give it the down command. Go to dog and praise it. Start the step right from where your dog downed on the article but this time go straight out 10 ft., then make a 90 degree left turn. Continue exercise going right then left until you have done 3 right turns and 3 left turns 2 to 3 sessions per day.

Step #3

Start the same way as steps 1 and 2 only this time when you make your 90 degree right and left turns you go approximately 20 ft. When your dog reaches the article and food, down your dog then go to your dog and praise it.

Step #4 & #5

Continue on the same way with steps 4 and 5. Go 10 ft., 90 degree right turn, then 30 ft. Put down article with no food on it. When dog reaches article give down command then go to your dog and give it the food reward while dog stays on the down. Go 10 ft., 90 degree left turn and then 30 ft, put down article. Go to your dog and give it the food reward while dog stays on down. Dog will be rewarded by you the remainder of the training.

Step #6

Step 6

Now you will go 10 ft. out then make a 45 degree right turn and go 20 ft. then make a 45 degree left and go 30 ft. Put down your article, return to your dog and then send him on the search. When he reaches the article, tell him to go down then go to him / her and reward with food.

Step #7

Step 7

Do not stop giving the down command until step 7 and only when the dog is starting to go down on his own as your giving the command to down. Each step should be done 2 to 3 times every other day with 4 to 5 searches at each session. At the end of step 7 when your dog is downing on his own at the article, you will be able to throw an article out and the dog will search and find and down on it. After your dog has completed step 4-7 with the article the you started your training with (preferably leather), you will be able to introduce metal such as guns, knives, keys, etc. and any other types of articles you may want.


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