Family / Executive Protection

Fri May 14th, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

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(Dogs not purchased from Von Falconer K-9)

What is a Family and Executive Protection Dog?

Piece of mind
Eager to please
Companion to entire family
Implicated in your lives
Observant to situations
Noble in character

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They are the worlds oldest alarm system that will stand by you and your family through any catastrophic disaster, will alert you to intruders, defend you when necessary, no matter what the weather, no matter what the time. Social and loving they are meant to be an intricate part of your family.

Sound in temperament and nerve they are loyal companions that will go anywhere with you. You will have peace of mind knowing your companion can be around your company, go out for walks, go to the parks, and learn new experiences without being aggressive.


Dog Kisses

Eric & Tracy working Hodie

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Family Protection Work - Helper Tracy Palmer

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Family Protection Work

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John O'Malley and Wolfy

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Mark Dipiero & 9 month old Khai running the blinds.

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Eric training Mark Dipiero's dog Khai.

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Ty Boo training on a cold winter morning. He is now a Family Protection Dog.

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Eric doing bite work.

Maintenance Training For Your Protection Dog

Once your dog is fully trained for protection work, it is recommended that you train at least once a month for the first year after initial training. This is to keep the dog in condition and under control for this type of work. Even though the dog is fully trained he must train to keep sharp much like a professional athlete. The first 3 months of maintenance training is free. After that maintenance training is $245.00 per session. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. These sessions can also be used to work on any problems your dog may be having.

After the first year we recommend that you train your dog at least every 3 months.
This training will continue for the rest of your dog's career.