Family Protection Certification

Fri May 14th, 2010 @ 1:18 pm


At the conclusion of your prescribed training program, a test will be administered by the training staff. This test will be judged by an evaluator certified by the California Commission of Peace Officer Standards of Training. It is strongly suggested that this test be repeated on a yearly basis to insure the reliability and safety of your dog.


The training staff shall be responsible for procuring the P.O.S.T. certified evaluator. All instructions and/or directions during the certification will come from the trainer. The evaluator shall use the scoring sheet as provided and score in accordance with the standards established for each exercise.

The trainer will be present at all certifications, but will not participate in the testing or scoring of an event. The trainer shall set up the exercise and/or hide the suspects.

If a Dog Team fails an exercise, they will be allowed to repeat the exercise one time without penalty. If the Team fails the exercise on the second attempt, they shall receive a score of fail for the exercise.

To pass the obedience phase of the certification, the Team must successfully pass at least 3 of the 4 exercises. To pass the protection phase of this certification, the Team must pass all the protection exercises.

Upon successfully passing the obedience and protection phase, the team shall receive a "Certificate of Completion" from Von Falconer K-9.


All teams are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way so that the relative quality of the various performances may be compared and scored. The basic objectives of these certifications are to produce a canine team that has been trained and conditioned to behave in a manner that will reflect positively without liability exposure.

The performance of the Dog and Handler must be accurate and correct and must conform to the requirements of these certifications. It is essential that the dog show no fear or prejudice towards people or other animals and demonstrate a willingness and enjoyment of his work. The handler must be trained in the use of the dog and never use the dog as a tool of retribution.


A. Trainer: Trainer as referred to in this text is a designated employee of Von Falconer K-9 Training. The trainer shall be present at all phases of the Certification Test. The trainer will be responsible for setting up all exercises, but may not be a suspect during testing. The trainer has the final word in any dispute resolution, but has no input whether or not a team is certified.

B. Evaluator: Evaluator as referred to in this text is a person who shall examine and judge the Team in accordance with this certification. The evaluator shall be certified by the California Commission of Peace Officer Standards of Training.

C. Handler: Handler as referred to in this text shall be the owner or primary companion of the dog.

D. Scoring: All exercises shall be graded on a pass/fail system. The final overall score for the team shall also be pass/fail.

E. Disqualification and Ineligibility: The trainer must disqualify any dog that attempts to attack any person, other than the suspect, during any exercise. He will also disqualify a dog who attacks another dog during certification. A dog that is lame at the time of certification may not be tested. It shall be the trainer's responsibility to determine whether a dog is lame. No dog shall be eligible to compete if it is taped or bandaged unless cleared by a licensed Veterinarian.

F. Disturbances: The trainers, during certifications, must disqualify a dog which its handler cannot control, any handler who interferes willfully with another handler or his dog during certifications, and any handler who abuses his dog during testing. Any dog that the trainer considers unfit to be tested may be disqualified by the trainer on that basis alone.

G. Decisions: The decision of the trainer shall be final in all matters affecting the testing process.