Getting Ready For Yournew Puppy

Tue June 26th, 2012 @ 12:01 pm

You have picked out your puppy and now you're going to bring your four-legged baby home.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help things go smoothly.

House Breaking:  Puppies don't want to pee where they sleep.  If you want to use the Crate Method for house breaking, get a size that  isn't large enough for him to sleep in the front and have room to pee or poop in the back.   Vari-Kennel makes a really good plastic one or, if you want a metal one with a metal door, go to our web site at and see the ones we have custom made for us.  The wire-grid ones aren't recommended for young dogs since they could get a paw caught if they are trying hard to get out.

Be sure to purchase a really good grade of food.  We use Life's Abundance or Canidae. Only feed the recommended amount at the correct intervals during the day.  DO NOT "free feed" him.  Most professional breeders will supply you with a starter kit that includes the kind of food the puppy was weaned on .  If you switch to another brand it will give the dog diarrhea, so it's really important to not do that  when you are trying to house break a puppy.

Get a water bowl and a food bowl that they cannot use a paw to turn over.  These bowls have a base circumference that's larger than the rim at the top and are really stable, stainless steel is best.  Water should always be available until an hour or so before you put him into the crate for the night.  Always take him outside right before bedtime.  And, if possible, take him out immediately after he wakes up from a nap or finishes eating.  Use a phrase such as "go make" or "do your duty" while it's happening  -  it will come in handy later when you need him to "go" NOW.

It is important and natural for dogs to chew, especially while they are teething.  Make sure he has a Kong Toy. Black is harder then the other colors. You can even jam treats  into it - it will keep him busy for a while trying to get the them out.   Bones are okay, but RAW BONES ONLY.  Be sure to buy only SAFE TOYS for him to enjoy playing with.  Ones that have stuffing can be torn up and end up choking your pup.

Make sure he has a run or a kennel that is at least 10 ft long and 6 ft wide and 6 ft tall with a shade cloth cover and an "igloo" or dog house that he can go into to get out of the weather or feel safe in while taking a nap.  Put in a stainless steel bucket for water (you can tie the bucket to the side of the kennel so that it doesn't fall over if he tries to get in it!).

You will also need a leash and an adjustable collar. We at VFC will supply vitamins, puppy shampoo and a collar with a matching leash when you pick up your dog.  Your VFC Manual will contain a shot record, and lots of other information to help your dog grow up healthy and happy.  Four future complimentary obedience classes are included as well.

Good luck with your new puppy!  Remember, you want to provide the very best care while imprinting good behavior by doing consistent training during the first year of your dog's life.  Your efforts now, will be rewarded for as long as you and your dog are together.

Thank you so much for following these guidelines.
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