How To Teach A Dog To Fetch

Sun August 26th, 2012 @ 8:19 am

First of all, in regards to fetching, do not expect your puppy to retrieve the ball back to you right away, as this will come with time. It is usually best that the ball also to be his toy to play with, this way he becomes attached to it and he is more likely to pick it up and carry it back to you. The ideal type of ball is made of hard rubber because soft rubber or tennis balls can be chewed up by your puppy and ingested. Ensure that the ball is not small enough for the dog to choke on, this is dangerous and can be potentially life threatening, it has happened that people have lost their dog to such a preventable event. Once you throw the ball, use the word "Fetch" to associate the command to the game, if he picks up the ball, coax him back to you and associate it with the command "here". Always make sure the game is fun, and never force your puppy or expect him to continue the game once he tires of it.

Like any child, his attention span may be very short, for tug of war take a towel or a gunny sack and gently tease the puppy with it until he shows an interest in it. See if you can deepen his or her interest in it, he/she may not make any attempt to grab it at first, but if enticed carefully, it won’t be long before he or she does. While teasing him with the towel use the words,"Take it," be excited,get him playful so he wants to play the game, if he grabs the towel, let him have it and give him lots of praise. Keep at it until over a period of time, until you can have a good struggle over the towel, when you have him playing with it,you will want him to learn to let go of the towel, stop struggling, hold the towel firm and still, and sharply use the command "Out" he may continue the game, but don’t comply. Command "Out" again sharply and using your forefinger over his nose and placing your thumb in the comer of his mouth between his teeth, gently separate his jaws enough to release the towel. Again repeat the command and when the towel is released, praise the dog, every time.