Introducing A New Pet

Thu July 19th, 2012 @ 11:26 am


It is very important if you have another dog or cat to introduce them slowly to your new puppy. Pup- pies are used to playing rough, and the game of chase. They can get hurt with an older dog pet the older dog and the puppy at the same time. Do not leave a new puppy alone with an adult dog. Sepa- rate them until the Puppy is large enough not to get hurt. You may want to use a puppy playpen in the kitchen and let the older dog visit the puppy slowly for the first day or so to get used to him, as he becomes a new member of the family. You can order one from your local pet store or feed store.


Be careful, cats can hurt you puppy’s eyes by slapping at him when the puppy becomes too aggressive. The cat is not yet accustomed to the puppy and does not understand the way the puppy plays. Do everything slowly, and let him settle into his new home without getting stressed out or having a negative experience.


This is a very important subject the ears go up and down with teething it is important not to pet or pull on the ears. The cartilage is at the base of each ear and can get broken if not handled correctly. Pet the puppy under the chin, or on its back, the ears will be settled in its upright position by the time the dog is between four and six months old. Some puppies takes a shorter time,very large-boned dogs take longer. The teething of the dog and the calcium will also play a part in the ears going up and down. If you own another older dog it can break the ear of a young puppy, so be careful.


It is recommended to feed the puppy twice a day give the puppy two cups of food in the AM and again in the late afternoon always keep fresh water available cut off water about three hours before bed time. It will be helpful to put a chew toy in with the puppy it acts as a pacifier. If you change the dog food the Puppy is on, give it a well made dog food with plenty of vitamins and one that is designed for puppy growth. Monitor your new dog’s weight and don’t overfeed your dog will live longer and leaner. There have been instances due to dogs being overweight in which they did not live past eight years.


The Puppy that you bought has had its first or second vaccine. It is very important that he/she gets its other vaccines on a timely basis. If you can’t make it back for your dog’s shots see a Vet. Do not let the puppy run around the waiting room hold the puppy in your arms or leave it in the car with an adult. Sometimes a sick dog has come in and your dog will not have the immunity to fight off a virus until they are 4 months and have received all their shots rabies must be given by a Vet. Do not take your puppy to any Parks or Beaches until he/she has taken all of its shots. Parks, beaches and places where feces from other animals can be found are all breeding grounds for deadly Parvo and other diseases.