Officer John Azevedo

Wed July 7th, 2010 @ 12:40 pm
Officer John Azevedo

K9 : Blitz

Officer Azevedo has worked for the Sacramento Police Department Since January of 2001. He worked as a patrol officer in the southern portion of the city for approximately three years including a five month temporary assignment as a School Resource Officer. In January of 2003 Officer Azevedo was selected to be a member of the south area Problem Oriented Policing team, or "POP" team, where he attained a contemporary knowledge of police work.

In August of 2006, Officer Azevedo realized his aspirations of becoming a police canine handler where he was teamed up with "Blitz", an eighty-two pound purebred German Shepherd bred by the Von Falconer training facility in Santa Cruz California and purchased from D.O.G.S. of greater Sacramento. Blitz is a high energy Shepherd born in August of 2003 that lives to please his handler. Blitz lives at home with Officer Azevedo and is valued member of the family. He is an affectionate canine who craves attention from anyone willing to pet him. He loves to play with other dogs especially the family pet, an eight year old black Labrador named Natie. Blitz is very well rounded and has responded well to the Sacramento Police Department's new cross training direction. Blitz is certified for patrol, S.W.A.T. and narcotics. He is also well versed in article searching and tracking.

Officer Azevedo and Blitz have competed in the Western States Police Canine Association Trial series since 2007 where they attained honors including 2007 Top Competitor, 2007 Top Team, 2008 Top Competitor, 2008 Overall Champion, 2009 Overall Champion.

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