Puppy Bitting

Thu July 19th, 2012 @ 11:34 am

Do not hold the dog’s mouth closed, as you can injure the dog’s bite. Call us if you intend to do bite work in the future or family protection work. Be careful in how you stop the dog from biting in their play-and-prey drive. We will send you a loaner video this is to let you understand what this is all about. Never knee your dog in the chest or step on the back feet. Learn to bend down to the dog and not call the puppy up on you when it is small. For weeks you have let a small puppy jump up to say “hello,” and now you have to stop it because it is much larger. Dogs do not know that you’re in your good clothes and ready for work if you don’t want your dog jumping, everyone in the family must do the same thing. Do not call the dog up on you in a greeting if the dog jumps on you grab the front legs and use the command “off’ as you place the dogs feet on the ground. If this is done enough, the dog will understand that it will get petted if it greets you in a none-jumping manner. If this is an older dog and powerful, you need to practice with family members, the way we do it is by hooking the dog up to a choke collar with a leash in the house, walking the dog to the place where the person is coming in and giving the dog a correction as it starts to jump.