Puppy Training

Tue August 21st, 2012 @ 3:14 pm

The most important thing to remember while raising your puppy is to let him be a puppy, allow him or her to go through his adolescent and teenage periods as a puppy. Do not expect results as you would from an adult dog, this is important for his or her emotional maturity, it doesn't mean however, that you can't start training your puppy before he is nine months of age. On the contrary, as you associate with your puppy, encourage him to do simple exercises, show him how to sit, using the correct command, and make a game out of it, every time he wants a treat, make him sit, using the appropriate command. Every time he wants a treat, make him sit and reward him with praise and the treat, when you see him starting to lie down, do a bit of word association by commanding "Down" as he performs the task. Once he lies down, give him lots of praise, he was going to lie down anyway, of course, but it won't be long before this word association with this, and other natural movements, will start to mean something to him. As well as the word association, take the time to gently place him in the desire posi- tions and use the appropriate commands, don't make a long training session out of it, just do it peri- odically throughout the day, once or twice each time. He will soon catch on, and everything he learns now will make things much easier when we start on his formal training. This time of your puppy's life is vital in the makeup of his personality and how he will grow up and socialize. Keep this in mind and mold him into the type of dog you want. Take a lot of time with your puppy to play games with him, two very important games which most puppies love are to fetch a ball and tug of war.