Thu July 19th, 2012 @ 11:16 am

Another immediate priority with your new puppy is to help him through his teething stage, usually at around ten to twelve weeks of age. Your puppy should be provided with soup bones, large and chew- able or a milk-bone to chew. He should also be given a toy which he can play with and chew. These articles will tend to satisfy his/her need to chew and assist to stop destructive chewing on furniture. lf you find him/her chewing on anything other than his permitted allotment, correct him/her firmly and immediately. Never correct him/her unless you catch him/her in the act or you will do more harm than good. Should destructive chewing persist, see your veterinarian and have your puppy's diet checked. He/She may be suffering from a mineral deficiency. This deficiency may even cause the pup to chew at his own coat, a form of self destructive chewing. Should there be a chance of mineral deficiencies, attempt to correct it using organic mineral supplement, rather than chemical. The organic supple- ments have a tendency to give better success. Dogs have been know to chew themselves raw in spots until their diet is changed and mineral supplements given. There is a recommended product called Sulfodene, readily available throughout most feed stores or your vet can order it for you. This also helps treating similar “Hot Spots.”Also read about bathing instructions as sometimes chewing on fur or scratching without fleas can be a cause of shampoo residue, caused from not rinsing the dog cor- rectly. Try not to run the dog to the Vet for every little thing as vets do charge and sometimes take advantage. It can be costly, you don't want your dog treated for an allergy when it is a simple case of improper bathing.