The K-9 Diet

Mon May 3rd, 2010 @ 11:30 am

Always use a measuring cup when feeding your dog not a coffee cup or mug.

Day one - (No food) dog will fast

Day two - 1/4 the full amount (example if the full amount fed to the dog is two cups twice a day ¼ the full amount would be ½ a cup so the dog would receive ¼ cup at each feeding)

Day three - 1/2 the full amount

Day four - 3/4 the full amount

Day five - full amount

Repeat every five days until dog reaches the desired weight. The full amount of food will vary depending on the dog. Most service dogs eat two cups of feed per day (measuring cups!).

Always feed a good quality food. Never leave the food down longer than ten minutes. If your dog does not eat his/her food in the time allowed pick the food up and only give him/her the food that was left from the last meal at the next feeding. Do not add food or feed the full amount. This will cause weight gain.

If you have questions contact a Von Falconer instructor at training and he/she will help you.
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