Understanding Your Dog: Bad Temperament

Thu May 6th, 2010 @ 10:29 am

What is correct German Shepherd Dog temperament?  The word "temperament" in relation to general application denotes character, sensitivity, discrimination, spirit and intellect.  It may mean the absence or presence of one or more of these psychological traits.  The true Shepherd must be an animal fit in body and mentality to be a devoted and suitable companion to his owners.  He should have the potential ability to do essential work for which the breed was created - in other words, a German Shepherd Dogs which is sweet, kind and happy in disposition, yet bold and courageous.  He must be alert and eager to please his master and a willing worker when trained properly.

Poor temperament indeed can be man made or it may be a hereditary fault.  Also environment can influence eventual temperament, particularly as it is applied to early puppy experience.  Such a temperament fault can be corrected with kindness, patience and training.  Faults of personality which cannot be repaired are a result of hereditary influences and are permanent.

If the following types of bad temperament cannot be corrected, the puppy will be returned to its breeders, the registration signed over to Eric Falconer and another puppy of correct temperament shall be given as a replacement

A Shy, Oversensitive Dog

Frightened of strangers, loud noises and new situations.  Timidity should not be confused with heredity.  Temperament is often due to lack of varied experiences with strangers and new activities.  Do not be neglectful or overprotective, share your pup with others as it will make a well adjusted citizen of him.

Sharp-shy Dog

If cornered, such an animal will urinate and often bite or nip out of fear or panic.

Over-sharp or Vicious Dog

This overbearing bully mistrusts everyone and intensely dislikes strangers and other dogs.  Such an animal is extremely dangerous and is generally under-sensitive to bodily discomforts and pain.

All puppies returned for proven hereditary temperament faults will be destroyed and after the AKC registration is signed over to Eric Falconer, a replacement shall be made.