Breed Descriptions

German Sheperd


The German Shepherd is a very versatile working dog, capable of performing a wide range of tasks. When properly bred and trained, these dogs can be Police dogs doing street work, narcotics detection, bomb detection, and tracking. They are guide dogs, protection dogs, search and rescue dogs and loving family pets, just to name a few things. Their versatility is known throughout the world.

The traditional saddle back German Shepherd is called the black and tan color. However, there are several other colors: black-red, cream or silver, solid black, sable, liver and white (white is a recessive gene and is not recognized in showing).

Their average height is 22"-26", average weight 60-100 lbs. Although the pup will reach close to adult height by 10-18 months, he or she will continue to fill out until up to 3 years old. They have a medium to long coat and are heavier boned.

Belgian Malinios


The Belgian Malinois is a very versatile dog, although smaller than the German Shepherd, these high energy dogs can do just about anything. They are very intelligent and responsive. They have not been down bred as the American German Shepherd and as a result have maintained a superior working drive. These are hard dogs, confident, proud, fast to respond and and very alert. They are devoted one-family dogs that tend to bond strongly to one or two persons.

The traditional color is sable (fawn) with a black mask. Although other colors are seen, this is the most common. Their average height is 22"-26", average weight 40-70 lbs. They have a short coat and are lighter boned.

The Belgian Malinois in general matures faster than the German Shepherd. In most cases, you can start working these dogs at a younger age in protection-service work.

Belgian Malinios


The Dutch Shepherd is a medium sized dog, fiercely loyal to its pack, highly intelligent and independent, yet totally trustworthy and reliable. The coat is black with streaks of grey or gold. It is big enough to ward off any predators, yet light boned. Hardy and weatherproof, erect ears, intelligent, alert eyes. This is a true working dog. It is used for agility, obedience, police work, rescue work, or of course its original job, herding work.

Their average height is 22"-25", average weight 65-70 lbs. They can have a short or long coat and are lighter boned.