Protection Dog Form

Von Falconer vendor agreement with the Buyer: We take pride in matching a family protection dog fully trained for your life style. Like any other specialty product, we would ask you to please fill out this form for us to search for the perfect imported dog for you. (Retainer is Non-Refundable) This money would apply towards the purchase of the dog. Once we have found the dog for you; we would send you a picture, plus video of this dog. This insures that you agree that we are your vendor while searching for your dog . The work required includes, the time it takes communicating back and forth with our veterinarians in Europe. This also assures you the best service. The price of the dog depends on its level of training. It takes up to 2- 3 years of training to have a Protection-Ready Canine. We would need a contract filled out, with a 50% deposit before ordering the dog. The rest to be paid in full on delivery. The deposit herein will apply to the last payment upon delivery of the dog to you.

*(Imports costs 8700.00 -15,000.00 when filling out this form please remember we will need 50% down before ordering your dog)

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